Application Fee


Before you apply,Red stop sign
you must have completed an approved EAP Placement Exam. 

You must have completed one approved EAP Placement Exam from this list within the last two (2) years:

  1. University of Regina EAP Placement Exam (all levels),
    or for direct entry to EAP 030, 090 or 100, one of:
  2. IELTS,
  3. Duolingo, or
  4. TOEFL Academic Test

If you haven't completed an EAP Placement Exam, you can register for the online University of Regina EAP Placement Exam now. The exam is offered every two weeks. Once completed, you can continue with your application.

How to Apply for the EAP Program

Step 1. Add Tuition Deposit Sections to Your Cart

Step 2. Complete Your Application

  1. Before you start your application, be prepared to submit:
    • Placement Exam Score Report and
    • Government-Issued Photo Identification
  2. After you complete your application, return to your cart and finish checking out.

When you complete your application, the $100 CAD application fee will automatically be added to your cart.

Step 3: Pay for the Application Fee and Tuition Deposits

You are now ready to checkout and add a payment method. You should have the following in your shopping cart:

  1. Application Fee ($100 CAD) and
  2. Tuition Deposits ($500 CAD per term you plan to attend)

Step 4: Celebrate!

You will have successfully completed your application and paid for your application fee and tuition deposits.


If you have questions or need help with your application, call us at 1-306-585-4585 or email

For Policies and more information about the application and requirements for the EAP program, see the Forms and Policies section in your Student Home Portal.

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