7 Courses Required

Now is the time to explore key areas of management including communication, teamwork, problem solving and an understanding of the principles of business management and their interrelationships.

You will also learn key concepts of organizational behaviour and the behaviour of individuals and groups in organizations, along with effective supervisory skills through theory and practical application.

Not sure you want to complete a full certificate? Courses can be taken as individual professional development courses to brush up on your knowledge or add new skills to your repertoire.

Students who complete the Professional Management Certificate gain in demand skills and become University of Regina Alumni.


  • Comprised of:  4 required courses + 3 electives
  • Duration: 14hrs per course X 7 = 98hrs total
  • Delivery: Face-to-face and remote offerings
  • Achievement: Professional Management Certificate
  • Assessment: Course completion based on pass/fail assigned by instructor. Based on 80% attendance of each day synchronous learning; completing assignments and group work; and active participation.You must commit to a total of 14 hours of learning including: pre-work, after class work with your group, and on your own.
  • Completion timeline: Within three years from the term in which you begin the program.

"Employers are looking to hire and promote employees with skills such as Performance Management, Communications, Conflict Resolution and Diversity" (Insightrix SMB Research, 2021).

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4 Course(s)

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