Authentic Leadership

This course provides you with an opportunity to understand and improve yourself personally and professionally, in order that you may become more authentic as an individual and leader so that you can achieve greater results. The course is self-reflective throughout.

The following areas will be introduced and processed: what's going on in organizations today; what is leadership; what is authenticity; assessing your four intelligences; clarifying your values; creating a leadership vision statement; how to be credible; establishing your code of ethics as a leader; the importance of influencing others; leadership and power; principled leadership competency assessment; and transferring learning back home.

Learning Outcomes:

  • New insights into the functioning of your organization
  • Understand the meaning of leadership and authentic
  • Greater self-awareness around values, principles, strengths, skills, intelligences and competencies
  • Deeper understanding of credibility, ethics, and power


Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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