Creating Effective Work Groups

Gain the necessary knowledge and skills required for building and maintaining effective work groups or teams. The concept of team and its application to organizational success will be discussed as well as the interrelationship between the work to be accomplished and the people who deliver the work in order to ensure organizational effectiveness.

You will have an opportunity to assess your leadership competencies and make a development plan. You will also learn about the different stages groups go through, and the role of the leader at each stage. Prior to completing the course, you will experience using consensus while going through the core steps of the team development process in creating a Vision, Mission and Values statement. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to define what a team is, what teams look like, team development, and why teams are vital to organizational success
  • Understand how to develop a team Vision, Mission and Values statement
  • Understand the importance of clear goals, roles, and processes for leading productive teams
  • Explain the stages of team development and the leader’s role in each of the stages
  • Assess leadership competencies and build a plan to improve competencies within the context of the self and the team


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Creating Effective Work Groups
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Jun 04, 2024 to Jun 06, 2024
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