Hybrid Workforce Essentials

Most organizations have evolved to accommodate a flexible workforce since the pandemic. With this course, managers as well as employees, will learn new engagement and communications techniques that build trust, strengthen collaboration and enhance productivity. 

This course will help anyone managing or working within a virtual or hybrid team environment learn how to maximize the benefits of technology. They will also be better prepared to achieve organizational goals and benefit from improved well-being. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the dynamics of hybrid teams
  • Ensure engagement in a dispersed team environment
  • Identify and integrate important tools and technology necessary for the journey
  • Ensure successful remote communications
  • Build a collaborative team virtually
  • Create an environment of trust and accountability remotely

Skills and Competencies Gained:

  • Hybrid Team Leadership
  • Remote Collaboration
  • Team Building and Engagement
  • Maximize Technology


  • Number of hours: 14 hours
  • Assessment: Participation; 80% attendance of each day
  • Previous education required: None
  • Delivery: Remote
  • Achievement: Hyrbid Workforce Essentials Microcredential


Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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