You’re so close to playing with Carmen!

Here’s how it works:

1. Create your lesson - choose the day, time and length

  • The instructor's available times for this particular day of the week are listed on this page. Looking for a different day? Go back to the previous page to see any other days this instructor is available.
  • Each time slot is a 15-minute increment.

2. Add your lesson to your cart

TIP: Read all the steps before you add to your cart!

  1. Customize your lesson length. Select the time slot you want, then add it to your cart.
  2. To make your lesson longer, use your browser's back button and add the next consecutive 15-minute time slot.

3. Check Out

Ready to check out? Great! Let's do a final check...

  • Do you have the right number of 15-minute time slots added to your cart? Make sure they are consecutive time slots!
  • You will see a separate item and fee in your cart for each 15-minute slot. Your total lesson cost is a sum of all the time slots in your cart.
  • That's it! Check out and you're ready to play!

Lesson Details

Expand one of the time slots with the plus (+) sign to see your lesson details. From this expanded view, in addition to the time and day of the week, you can see:

  • Start and end dates
  • List of all lesson dates by selecting Schedule and Location: "View Details"
  • Course (Lesson) Fees, and
  • Installment or payment plan options

Start & End Dates

  • Generally, a year of 36 lessons starts in September and ends in May or June. But, don't forget you can start lessons anytime! The lesson cost will be automatically pro-rated.
  • The list of the all lesson dates excludes any days your instructor isn't available or the College Avenue Campus is closed.
  • Curious about schedule changes? We know life happens - see the Helpful Tip below.

Lesson Fees & Payment Options

  • Instructors charge different rates based on their experience. On their bio page, you can see what a typical 30-minute lesson costs.
  • In your cart, your total lesson cost are made up of the cost of each 15-minute time slot.
  • When enrolling in lessons, you will pay for the year and have two payment options:
    1. Pay in full at time of enrolment
    2. Pay a deposit now and make equal monthly payments for the duration of your lessons. Payments are withdrawn on the first of each month.

Helpful Tips

  • How long should my lesson be?
    • For a 30-minute lesson (most beginners start here), select two (2) consecutive 15-minute time slots. For a 45-minute lesson, you will select three (3) consecutive 15-minute time slots and so on.
    • Not sure how long you want your lesson to be? Go to the instructor profile to see their typical lesson length. The Student Services team can be a great help here as well - email Student Services or call us at 306-585-5748.
  • Can I make changes to my schedule or stop lessons later on?
    • Yes, to both! If you and your instructor agree to changes like a new day, time or length for your lessons, simply let us know at Student Services by email Student Services or call us at 306-585-5748.
    • You can cancel your lessons at any time with one month's written notice to Student Services.
  • What if my instructor isn't the right fit?
    • No problem. Call us at Student Services and we'll help you find the right instructor.
  • When is my first lesson?
    • Allow one full calendar week from when you register to begin your lessons. The Conservatory and your instructor will be getting everything ready for you. You will receive an email confirming your lesson details, including start date, after you register. (If you register on a weekend, your email will be sent the next business day.)
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