FREE Webinar: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

The most productive and respected leaders are often the most emotionally intelligent ones. This webinar will introduce you to the concept of emotional intelligence and offer strategies you can put into effect right away.

You will learn about:

  • how Emotional intelligence (EI) starts with awareness of your own emotions then evolves towards managing them so that they do not manage you.
  • how EI extends from self-awareness into learning how to recognize emotions in other people and ultimately helps you relate to other people and manage relationships more effectively.
  • how recent advances in neuroscience have shown that you can continue to grow your emotional intelligence through your life for greater balance and enhanced relationships.

To learn more, enrol in the Advanced Leadership Certificate, which runs from start to finish over the course of one term. This cohort based program includes one-on-one professional coaching, the EQi 2.0 assessment tool that dives into EI, along with in-depth classroom learning and peer support.

Come with your questions for the Q & A
in the final 15 minutes.

Meet your instructor








Cristine Saxon has over 25 years of experience as a leader, coach, advisor, instructor and leadership consultant across multiple industries. Today she manages Cristine Saxon Coaching and Consulting and is an executive coach and leadership consultant. As an ICF certified coach, she coaches clients in three countries, including running her leadership program for German female academics, EmpowHer.

Cristine has a Master of Arts degree and is certified to administer several psychometric assessments including the EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence and Myers Briggs Type (MBTI) inventories. She has taught facilitation and teaching skills to university professors, coached executive leaders to high performance, developed customized leadership training programs, and coached hundreds of people.

Cristine likes to ‘meet people where they are’ and help them grow. She is known for creating customized solutions and inspiring people through her Paddle Your Own Boat short videos on her YouTube channel.



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