Why Play With Us?

Benefits of being a Conservatory Student.

You don't just get to say you're studying music at the Conservatory of Performing Arts, home of the most qualified and, may we say most talented, instructors in the city, all Conservatory private lesson students get:

  • Conservatory Practice Club - an online hub to connect with other students, participate in monthly practice challenges, win prizes and discover all kinds of extra music tips, trivia and musical inspiration.
  • Recital and Performance Opportunities - unique to the Conservatory, be part of the extensive recital program available to all students at no extra cost. Share your progress with family and friends, set achievable goals as part of your lesson plan and build your confidence by putting your new skills into practice.
  • Accompaniment - need a talented accompanist for your recital? As a student here, there is no extra charge!
  • Instructors - did we mention our talented and qualified instructors? We are proud to work with some of the most talented musicians in Regina AND they are great teachers to top it off. 
  • Scholarships & Bursaries - Did you know the Conservatory awards more than $30,000 in scholarships every year? Discover our extensive scholarship and grant opportunities available only for Conservatory students.
  • Fees - range from $29-$35.50 and are based on previous education and experience.

Relevant Courses

Percussion Lessons with Darcy Gingras
Organ Lessons with Valerie Hall
Piano Lessons with Allison Luff
Piano Lessons with Bev Dyck
Piano Lessons with Cynthia Peyson Wahl
Piano Lessons with Karen Barrie
Piano Lessons with Lawrence Amundrud
Piano Lessons with Lee Stubbe
Piano Lessons with Lori Potter
Piano Lessons with Matthew Watchman
Piano Lessons with Megan Fries
Piano Lessons with Olivia Watchman
Piano Lessons with Robyn Clay
Piano Lessons with Sarah Frostad
Piano Lessons with Stela Popa
Cello Lessons with Alaina Majewski
Cello Lessons with Catherine Folstad
Cello Lessons with Jonathan Craig-Penner
Double Bass Lessons with Curtis Scheschuk
Guitar Lessons with Don Waite
Guitar Lessons with Renee Coghill
Harp Lessons with Samantha Spurrier
Violin Lessons with Adrian Casas
Violin Lessons with Andrea Hedlund
Violin Lessons with Carmen Constantinescu
Violin Lessons with Karley Parovsky
Violin Lessons with Rudolf Sternadel
Violin/Viola Lessons with Jonathan Ward
Voice Lessons with Alyssa Woolhether
Voice Lessons with Cynthia Peyson Wahl
Voice Lessons with Dara Schindelka
Voice Lessons with Lisa Welder
Voice Lessons with Megan Fries
Voice Lessons with Paula Weber
Voice Lessons with Valerie Hall
Bagpipe Lessons with Iain MacDonald
Clarinet Lessons with Carter Powley
Clarinet Lessons with Hyonsuk Kim
Clarinet Lessons with Vanessa Klassen
Flute Lessons with Carter Powley
Flute Lessons with David Popoff
Flute Lessons with Marie-Noelle Berthelet
French Horn Lessons with Wendy Tsymbal
Oboe Lessons with Tamsin Johnston
Saxophone Lessons with Carter Powley
Saxophone Lessons with Jennifer Tenford
Saxophone Lessons with Trent Reschny
Trombone Lessons with David Dick
Trombone Lessons with Joel Lareau
Trumpet Lessons with Miles Newman
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